My sister, Elle, and I co-wrote our first novel Beneath the Glitter and it's available in hardcover and paperback here. The sequel Where Beauty Lies will be released August 13, 2013 but is available through pre-order here.

Elle and I also have our own beauty line, Skylark Cosmetics

Our mom, Elle and I created an online shop, Glitzy-Glam, back in 2009 that specialized in customizable gifts. It's still going strong and keeping our momma very busy. Check it out :)

I always change out my shoes, handbag, and sweater to match my outfit, but my phone is what's always in my hand. That's why Elle and I (have you figured out that we're a package deal yet? LOL) decided to create a line of fun, fashionable cell phone accessories that complete your look from head to toe fingers!

Here's Taylor swift with our Twilight Glitz case in Capri Blue!


  1. Blair I love you! Keep up the amazing work <3

  2. Wonderful! I was looking for a glitzy cover for my iPhone5! :-D

  3. About a week ago I ordered from glitzy and got gift sets and agendas!!:D ( So so sooooo Happy ) I really hope they'll come in very very soon for my sister's birthday :D
    - hello kitty

  4. me and my twin sis luv watching you and your sister your both very pretty and talented!

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